Monday, September 29, 2014

Love like no other!

Jesus loves you.  JESUS LOVES YOU!  Have we heard it so long that we take it for granted now?

"There be no way to measure or
define Your matchless love!
Your passion is eternal and
I have partaken of!
I often take of it, Lord, as
I know You favor me,
but Jesus, Lord, without Your love,
where would, where would we be?!

But such to not consider as
Your love, it is for sure!
You wrap Your arms around me and
I am, I am secure!
Not a thing of this life, the
barometer of such!
You give me that love without measure
in Your constant touch!

I cannot measure Your love, Lord,
I only can receive!
Sharing it with all the world
while, unto You, I cleave!
But savoring it for myself-
that love which knows no measure;
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
forever all my treasure!"

So much in and of this world to tempt us.  So much to not only tempt, but also to deceive us and sway us any way it can from Jesus!  Don't let it!  No matter how wonderful it appears, the thrill will certainly go away and you will be left with nothingJesus isn't that way.  Jesus is eternal!  His love is eternal.  His affection is eternal.  He loves you...and He will still love you when everything else is gone.  (No matter how many times you've heard it!)
Trust Him!

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