Sunday, September 14, 2014

Come again?

"Jesus, when will You return...?"
"Father, when will all of this end...?"
"Lord, when will I be healed...?"
"Oh God, ___________...?"

"How long?  How long!  How long until
such questions disappear?
I pray, I ask, I read His Word
yet it be no more clear.
The many issues that abound
inside and all about-
Lord, we long for that locale
where, such, we be without!

Yes, even so come quickly, Lord!
We long to be with You,
yearning for that time and place
that You affirm as "true!"
Heaven--everlasting love, 
joy, Your Presence real!
Perfect peace in a perfect Place,
Your glory to reveal!

How long...?  How long...?  No matter, though,
for we belong to You,
and You are faithful to complete
what You said You would do!
Come quickly, Lord!  And, until then,
please use us as Your Own
that more become acquainted with You
in the love that's shown!"

You've heard it for years...I've heard it for years...but that just means that we are that many more years closer to His return!  Hang in there!
Don't just 'endure' life, ENJOY it!  Enjoy it with Him!  He has so much to give!

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