Saturday, September 27, 2014

"How long?" again

"Aaaah!  They've been saying that for years..."  "That'll never happen!"  "You 'Jesus freaks' are wasting your time!"

"How long," again, until we hear
the mighty Trumpet blast?
How long until this life we know
is all behind us, past?
How long until our single purpose
is to worship Christ?
Too many are the questions on which
time is sacrificed?

"Even so, come quickly!" Lord,
so we can be with You!
Deliver us unto that Day
when trials will be through!
For Your glory, we press on
unto that day ahead,
while tending to those challenges
into which we are led!

"How Long?" again, the poet cries,
echoing each one
that names You as their Risen Lord
and cries "Your will be done!"
Embolden us, empower us
to stand until that day;
and, having done all You've said,
to stand beside The Way!"

One wiser than myself has said "I do not know when Jesus is returning.  I do know, however, that we are one day closer to it!"

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