Saturday, September 20, 2014


The ones we have written in the Word...the ones we have written in red...the ones we receive from The Spirit as we are heart-to-heart   THOSE are MORE than mere 'promises!!'

He's coming...He's coming! 

HE'S COMING BACK AGAIN! He knows the hearts
and motives of all men.
Coming to remove His Own
and give them Paradise!
But there will be too many more
who will not have it nice!

He's coming...He's coming!

But let it hinder not
the calling and the duty
that each of us has got!
Too many are the ones apart,
the number is too great-
the amount of men to be
that will not celebrate!

He's coming...HE'S COMING!

Go now, tell every man
that they must be born again
according to His plan!
Jesus Christ is Lord, and must be
living in your heart!
Ask Him to be YOUR Lord right now
and never be apart!

He promised us that He will one day return in the clouds with the blast of a Trumpet!  CLING TO THOSE WORDS!  They are the most wonderful hope we have!


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