Wednesday, September 10, 2014

God Always! Provider.  Period.
This life provides a myriad of situations and circumstances.  None of it is foreign unto Him.
No matter how serious or severe it is, He does not panic!
No matter what the doctor is going to tell us about those tests next week, God is already there and knows what to do.
My Provider.  Nothing surprises Him!

You are the One Who knows all things,
all things about our lives.
You already know the answer,
before the time arrives!
You have what I'll be needing when
that need arrives tomorrow;
You know the fullness of it, Lord,
from ecstasy to sorrow!

Who but You, all-knowing God,
to take care of Your Own?
You give Yourself so freely to us-
we are fully known!
We are blessed above, beyond,
we receive Your wealth;
You hold us in Your very palm
and there enjoy we health!

Life--it happens and occurs
and You remain right there!
In fact, You remain RIGHT HERE-
we must not cry out "WHERE?!"
Everywhere and always--there
is no surprise to You!
Father God...Provider God...
Your care remains so true!

Provider God.  And not just "RIGHT HERE," He is right there where you are at all times, not just when you need Him!  Enjoy His omnipresence and invite Him into all that you do!

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