Sunday, September 21, 2014


Though afternoon is heavy right now, the trees and the land yet cry out the glory of His majestic touch!  Look at this...

Walking through the afternoon's fall!
Feel the pleasure of the season...
listen to life call...
Walk with Him and talk with Him,
listen all the way-
His words are more important than
the ones I have to say?
Yes...but He inspires and
desires of this man
to be in conversation with Him
anytime I can!
Knowing when to listen and
when I should respond-
it takes ANY relationship
so very far beyond!

Finally, the seasons change-
the colors and the scents.
Creator God enjoys it, too,
as we approach the fence.
While times and seasons come and go,
my God remains the same-
yesterday, today and always,
praise His mighty Name!

PRAISE HIS MIGHTY NAME!  For He is the one that gives color to the beauty that we walk through.  Take the time to walk with Him through His creation...for He is ALWAYS walking with you through it!

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