Thursday, September 25, 2014


WOW!  Did I get an earful!
I told someone the other day that I would be in prayer about a need they shared with me. Someone else remarked that 'if this God was so real, there would be no need in the first place!'  (That was the 'clean' way of putting their words!)  I had never heard of this person, but in just a sentence or two, you could feel the pain and anger that he is in.

How can I relate to you
if you won't let me in?
I might be of assistance through
the places I have been.
You judge me by a statement and
a truth that I have learned;
because you haven't seen it yet
that means I must be spurned?
But will I continue reaching
out and offering
the love that saved my life and soul
and tempers suffering.
You may not even know me but
you know of God so great,
and HE will keep on loving you
until it is too late.

It was only a few sentences, but it spoke so much about what their life is like.

What are your words saying?  Are your actions and reactions putting the glory of God and His victory on display?  You will be amazed at who is watching and listening, and the impact you have.

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