Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Early.  Alone on the beach...

The glory and the majesty
to inundate once more.
Surrounded by His holiness
upon the quiet shore.
The power that arrives in waves-
how many are the same?
The ocean force...His glory and
the beauty of His Name!

See it all...feel it all...
know it all so real!
God Most High is Someone we
can hear and see and feel!
Creator--o so glorious
here in His creation!
So manifold are the effects
of God and His sensation!

Creator God creating-
His timing o so right!
Behold the restless ocean
and, in Him, take delight!

The restless ocean.  I miss it so!  But all I must do is tell God about it and He takes me there all over again!  He takes me there to that massive creation that yields to only Him.  That beautiful mass of life that none other may create.  Go there with me, won't you?

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