Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Warfare in the spirit-
waged in situations
with people and with things...
that which not a man can see
affects the lives of each,
but Jesus Christ, He is The Victor,
and His arms can reach!
The Battle will continue
'til He returns at last.
The tactics will intensify
until the Trumpet Blast;
His servants, they shall be removed
while He, the battle, ends,
then all that will remain are them
that He has called His "friends!"

The battles in the spirit-
for though they rage each day,
the victory already is
and Jesus is The Way!
Fight on, fight on in Spirit-strength
and do not trust alone!
The battle--it belongs to Him,
and you, you are His Own!

There is a battle going on.  Even if it were not witnessed daily in the news, it goes on even more so in the spirit-realm!
Put on the full armor of God.  Stand ready at all times!  The enemy, seen and unseen, is poised and ready to tear His chosen apart!  Know the Word.  Use the Word!
Whose side are you on?

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