Thursday, September 11, 2014


As the writer prays and holds his pen, there is so much upon his heart...
Law enforcement, firemen,
military, too...
How can one disaster draw
a nation, as one, due?!
But a handful--one event,
yet here we are today
honoring the fallen ones
as we kneel and pray.

We call upon the heart of God
to touch the hearts involved.
Submission unto only Him
is how this will be solved!
Even though "they" say it's done
in honor of "The One,"
we know that God is life and,
by Him, this cannot be done!

Jesus Christ alone to be
the passion of the heart!
All others to be 'idols,'
not a lie shall have a part!
Father, Son and Spirit--
not another matter true!
They give to us, so give to them
the honor that is due!

Give to God the honor due Him.
Give to the police, military, emergency personnel the honor that is due them.  Pray for them every day.  Pray for our elected officials every day.
God the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit are the ONLY ones Who can get this country, this world through what is happening now and cause there to be recovery.


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