Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Travel time!

The times...the times that are!  The last days for sure, but no man knows the hour!  Only two certainties: our desire to be there, and the world's need to repent!

moving on my mind...
not clear at all when that
destination I will find.
But this I know, He made a place
designed for me alone,
and though each saint will be there, we
will call that place our own!

Travelling...unto a place
that I've not seen at all.
I do not know what it looks like,
but I can hear Him call!
The only thing that matters is
that Jesus will be there-
and He has vowed that, of that Place,
there shall be no compare!

Travelling...just there ahead,
that o so glorious day!
"Even so, come quickly, Lord!
We long to fly away!
But hear the cry, Lord, of our hearts
that NONE be left behind!
O put them in our paths, we pray,
that NONE may travel blind!"

The Bible, God's Word, tells us that no man knows the hour, but we can recognize that the end is near by certain signs.  Can you see any of those signs in or around you?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Love like no other!

Jesus loves you.  JESUS LOVES YOU!  Have we heard it so long that we take it for granted now?

"There be no way to measure or
define Your matchless love!
Your passion is eternal and
I have partaken of!
I often take of it, Lord, as
I know You favor me,
but Jesus, Lord, without Your love,
where would, where would we be?!

But such to not consider as
Your love, it is for sure!
You wrap Your arms around me and
I am, I am secure!
Not a thing of this life, the
barometer of such!
You give me that love without measure
in Your constant touch!

I cannot measure Your love, Lord,
I only can receive!
Sharing it with all the world
while, unto You, I cleave!
But savoring it for myself-
that love which knows no measure;
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
forever all my treasure!"

So much in and of this world to tempt us.  So much to not only tempt, but also to deceive us and sway us any way it can from Jesus!  Don't let it!  No matter how wonderful it appears, the thrill will certainly go away and you will be left with nothingJesus isn't that way.  Jesus is eternal!  His love is eternal.  His affection is eternal.  He loves you...and He will still love you when everything else is gone.  (No matter how many times you've heard it!)
Trust Him!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

More distractions...

Is it just me, or does it seem like the busier our days get, the more we subtract from time with Jesus to make up for it:

So beautiful the rays across the morning...

so glorious, the song upon the wing!
Inhale, yes, ingest the very season,
and do not fight that urge within to sing!

So beautiful, the rays, but I must hurry!
I don't have time to listen to the birds!
The season, it will just go on without me;
the music, it will have to be less words.

God is trying to get our attention because He has something for us!  What may appear to be a 'distraction' might be a key part of our day's success!
Don't ignore Him.  He has bigger and badder ways of getting our attention!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

"How long?" again

"Aaaah!  They've been saying that for years..."  "That'll never happen!"  "You 'Jesus freaks' are wasting your time!"

"How long," again, until we hear
the mighty Trumpet blast?
How long until this life we know
is all behind us, past?
How long until our single purpose
is to worship Christ?
Too many are the questions on which
time is sacrificed?

"Even so, come quickly!" Lord,
so we can be with You!
Deliver us unto that Day
when trials will be through!
For Your glory, we press on
unto that day ahead,
while tending to those challenges
into which we are led!

"How Long?" again, the poet cries,
echoing each one
that names You as their Risen Lord
and cries "Your will be done!"
Embolden us, empower us
to stand until that day;
and, having done all You've said,
to stand beside The Way!"

One wiser than myself has said "I do not know when Jesus is returning.  I do know, however, that we are one day closer to it!"

Friday, September 26, 2014

Greater expectations

Another day at work...
another day without work...
another day _________...
But it doesn't have to be "just another day!" 

"Rising slowly out of bed...
Another day of life to dread?
Will that phone ring, providing work?
Do I need coffee to help me perk?"

But I know God!  He owns it all!
And He responds unto my call.
He knows my want...He knows my need...
therefore, His every way I'll heed!!

God has a plan for every moment of your life!  You don't have to think of the day ahead as "just puttin' in time!"  You can BOLDLY face the day KNOWING that your steps are ordered:

There are people that He has arranged for you to speak to.
There are people that he has put in your path that need a smile.
There are blessings awaiting that will only come about as you move forward!
Knowing this, NOTHING will ever be "same old same old!"  However, we must be careful not to limit God to OUR expectations!  One of the things I have learned over the years is that God answers EVERY prayer.  Some of the answers were what I was wanting, some of the answers were not what I was wanting, and still others were far greater than what I may have been asking for!  But they were all HIS answers.
Make yourself available, trust Him, and EXPECT Him to answer!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


WOW!  Did I get an earful!
I told someone the other day that I would be in prayer about a need they shared with me. Someone else remarked that 'if this God was so real, there would be no need in the first place!'  (That was the 'clean' way of putting their words!)  I had never heard of this person, but in just a sentence or two, you could feel the pain and anger that he is in.

How can I relate to you
if you won't let me in?
I might be of assistance through
the places I have been.
You judge me by a statement and
a truth that I have learned;
because you haven't seen it yet
that means I must be spurned?
But will I continue reaching
out and offering
the love that saved my life and soul
and tempers suffering.
You may not even know me but
you know of God so great,
and HE will keep on loving you
until it is too late.

It was only a few sentences, but it spoke so much about what their life is like.

What are your words saying?  Are your actions and reactions putting the glory of God and His victory on display?  You will be amazed at who is watching and listening, and the impact you have.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


God is so faithful to answer our prayers!  He is constantly with us, directing our steps and arranging His good provision for our lives.
That is hard to remember, however, in the desert or in the valley...

So futile and confusing?
So painful and unfair?
Is God at work at times like this
while I be unaware?
The testing and the trials,
the lessons ripe to teach,
the purpose to remain yet hidden
and just out of reach!

We do not have the answers, but
we KNOW that answers are!
It may be yet just out of reach
but that is NOT too far!
Press on, press on, do not give up,
stay firm and do not sway,
and know each of your steps are cast
by Him Who is The Way!

That which you and I face every day may not make very much sense at the time, but if you trust, obey and stay with Him, little-by-little it will start to make sense.  God is faithful!

Monday, September 22, 2014


What do you consider "risky?"

I cannot see in front of me,

the storm--it is severe!
Save the streaks of lightning, no
illumination here!
It came so very suddenly,
no preparation time!
I've barely any light to make
these lines and verses rhyme!

I cannot see in front of me,
I'm going to have to trust.
The fact that God is in control-
it cannot be discussed!
He is riding on the storm
and I am in His hand;
He could whisper "Peace," the storm
would heed to His command!

I cannot see in front of me-
I do not have to, though!
God is in complete control,
for this I surely know!
And He will bring me through the storm
no matter how severe!
So very fortunate are them
that have The Father near!

Trust.  We have to trust!  He is worthy of it.  He proves such over and over and...constantly!  Trust is painful at times.  Trust is ALWAYS a risk, but when we learn how faithful God is, we realize that trusting HIM is NEVER a gamble...even when you cannot see a thing!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Though afternoon is heavy right now, the trees and the land yet cry out the glory of His majestic touch!  Look at this...

Walking through the afternoon
finally...it's fall!
Feel the pleasure of the season...
listen to life call...
Walk with Him and talk with Him,
listen all the way-
His words are more important than
the ones I have to say?
Yes...but He inspires and
desires of this man
to be in conversation with Him
anytime I can!
Knowing when to listen and
when I should respond-
it takes ANY relationship
so very far beyond!

Finally, the seasons change-
the colors and the scents.
Creator God enjoys it, too,
as we approach the fence.
While times and seasons come and go,
my God remains the same-
yesterday, today and always,
praise His mighty Name!

PRAISE HIS MIGHTY NAME!  For He is the one that gives color to the beauty that we walk through.  Take the time to walk with Him through His creation...for He is ALWAYS walking with you through it!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


The ones we have written in the Word...the ones we have written in red...the ones we receive from The Spirit as we are heart-to-heart   THOSE are MORE than mere 'promises!!'

He's coming...He's coming! 

Returning...as He knows the hearts
and motives of all men.
Coming to remove His Own
and give them Paradise!
But there will be too many more
who will not have it nice!

He's coming...He's coming!

But let it hinder not
the calling and the duty
that each of us has got!
Too many are the ones apart,
the number is too great-
the amount of men to be
that will not celebrate!

He's coming...HE'S COMING!

Go now, tell every man
that they must be born again
according to His plan!
Jesus Christ is Lord, and must be
living in your heart!
Ask Him to be YOUR Lord right now
and never be apart!

He promised us that He will one day return in the clouds with the blast of a Trumpet!  CLING TO THOSE WORDS!  They are the most wonderful hope we have!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Warfare in the spirit-
waged in situations
with people and with things...
that which not a man can see
affects the lives of each,
but Jesus Christ, He is The Victor,
and His arms can reach!
The Battle will continue
'til He returns at last.
The tactics will intensify
until the Trumpet Blast;
His servants, they shall be removed
while He, the battle, ends,
then all that will remain are them
that He has called His "friends!"

The battles in the spirit-
for though they rage each day,
the victory already is
and Jesus is The Way!
Fight on, fight on in Spirit-strength
and do not trust alone!
The battle--it belongs to Him,
and you, you are His Own!

There is a battle going on.  Even if it were not witnessed daily in the news, it goes on even more so in the spirit-realm!
Put on the full armor of God.  Stand ready at all times!  The enemy, seen and unseen, is poised and ready to tear His chosen apart!  Know the Word.  Use the Word!
Whose side are you on?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Come again?

"Jesus, when will You return...?"
"Father, when will all of this end...?"
"Lord, when will I be healed...?"
"Oh God, ___________...?"

"How long?  How long!  How long until
such questions disappear?
I pray, I ask, I read His Word
yet it be no more clear.
The many issues that abound
inside and all about-
Lord, we long for that locale
where, such, we be without!

Yes, even so come quickly, Lord!
We long to be with You,
yearning for that time and place
that You affirm as "true!"
Heaven--everlasting love, 
joy, Your Presence real!
Perfect peace in a perfect Place,
Your glory to reveal!

How long...?  How long...?  No matter, though,
for we belong to You,
and You are faithful to complete
what You said You would do!
Come quickly, Lord!  And, until then,
please use us as Your Own
that more become acquainted with You
in the love that's shown!"

You've heard it for years...I've heard it for years...but that just means that we are that many more years closer to His return!  Hang in there!
Don't just 'endure' life, ENJOY it!  Enjoy it with Him!  He has so much to give!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


It's so easy to be distracted from time with God.
It's not easy to be distracted from time with God!

Nothing to erase the love
so real and so true;
nothing to distract from love
provided always new!
Nothing...oh, but everything
come from but one place,
and NOTHING of more value than
our God's abundant grace!

Nothing...yes, and everything
and from One place alone!
Jesus Christ, risen One,
none other to atone.
Loving Jesus, caring Jesus,
Lord and ever living--
He is all and everything,
constantly so giving!

Nothing...not a thing at all
is there for to replace
the love of Jesus, God's own Son,
His mercy and His grace!
The Presence of Him, oh so real,
accompanies always!
Nothing for to interrupt
the flow of heartfelt praise!!

So much to distract...but don't let it!
So much to disrupt...but it's not worth it!
So much to interfere and sway us from the Savior's side, but Jesus Christ Himself is our protection.  Trust Him!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


As the writer prays and holds his pen, there is so much upon his heart...
Law enforcement, firemen,
military, too...
How can one disaster draw
a nation, as one, due?!
But a handful--one event,
yet here we are today
honoring the fallen ones
as we kneel and pray.

We call upon the heart of God
to touch the hearts involved.
Submission unto only Him
is how this will be solved!
Even though "they" say it's done
in honor of "The One,"
we know that God is life and,
by Him, this cannot be done!

Jesus Christ alone to be
the passion of the heart!
All others to be 'idols,'
not a lie shall have a part!
Father, Son and Spirit--
not another matter true!
They give to us, so give to them
the honor that is due!

Give to God the honor due Him.
Give to the police, military, emergency personnel the honor that is due them.  Pray for them every day.  Pray for our elected officials every day.
God the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit are the ONLY ones Who can get this country, this world through what is happening now and cause there to be recovery.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

God Always!

God...my Provider.  Period.
This life provides a myriad of situations and circumstances.  None of it is foreign unto Him.
No matter how serious or severe it is, He does not panic!
No matter what the doctor is going to tell us about those tests next week, God is already there and knows what to do.
My Provider.  Nothing surprises Him!

You are the One Who knows all things,
all things about our lives.
You already know the answer,
before the time arrives!
You have what I'll be needing when
that need arrives tomorrow;
You know the fullness of it, Lord,
from ecstasy to sorrow!

Who but You, all-knowing God,
to take care of Your Own?
You give Yourself so freely to us-
we are fully known!
We are blessed above, beyond,
we receive Your wealth;
You hold us in Your very palm
and there enjoy we health!

Life--it happens and occurs
and You remain right there!
In fact, You remain RIGHT HERE-
we must not cry out "WHERE?!"
Everywhere and always--there
is no surprise to You!
Father God...Provider God...
Your care remains so true!

Provider God.  And not just "RIGHT HERE," He is right there where you are at all times, not just when you need Him!  Enjoy His omnipresence and invite Him into all that you do!

Everything in "nothing!"

"Whatcha looking at?"

In the forest is the life
verdantly abounding...
In the branches is the life
joyously resounding!
See them on the wing,
listen to them sing!
Creator God creating one time more!

Sometimes, the most abundant place I find my Creator is in a place called "nothing!"
Sometimes, the most I hear His voice is in a place of complete silence!
Assuredly, I know that He is with me at all times in all places, but there are certain occasions when we have more beautiful fellowship together.  It is that way in all relationships.  It SHOULD BE that way in all relationships!
Where is it that you see and hear Him?

Monday, September 8, 2014

First off...

What is the first thing you do when you get to work in the morning?

From the office...out the window...
how far is the sight?!
So many 'objects' in the vision
for to take delight!
the rolling hills and mountains,
the river and the sky...
there to see the clouds of glory
billowing so high!

Once again, distracted-
stolen by creation!
Steeled, the emotions, by
the One Who gives salvation!
Jesus--God Creator and
designer of the sight
converses with me as I see
and revel in delight!

From the office...out the window
such distractions are!
I must focus on the tasks, though,
as I gaze afar!
So very fortunate to see
the moving of His hands
as He shapes and magnifies
the ever-changing lands!

Does YOUR office have such a view?  It can!  Make Jesus the first one you greet as you arrive at work and He will reveal Himself in ways to you all throughout the day! 
It's beautiful!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Creator God creating...

You can deny it...you can miss it...but why not just take time to behold and enjoy it:

The forest on the hill
providing thrill to thrill;
ridge-to-ridge to roll,
even distant knoll!

And do the trees begin to turn
with autumn come to be;
the spectrum to begin to burn
Once again Creator God,
with palette and with brush;
in the singing of the season
there's a solemn "hush!"

The forest on the hill...
the slightest autumn chill.
Behold it in your day;
oh, send praises Jesus' way!

Creator God creating.  Did you see Him today?  Sure, I guess you could miss it, but that would take great effort!
Look around and enjoy Creator God creating!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I am a very wealthy man.  But it is not for me alone...

"Lord, I would take what I have got

and share with them that have it not;
thus, Your sovereign will be wrought
in the life of me.

Lord, You give so much to me,
even life abundantly!
Obedient, then, will I be
to what is Spirit-taught.

Unto the poor, then, shall I go.
For that would be but apropos-
Christian love. to them, to show
as I freely give.

But poverty can far exceed
visible, material need,
thus do I so intercede
by taking, also, You!"

God is so generous!  He blesses us for a reason.  He gives the most to them that just "pass it on."  Are you one of them?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Early.  Alone on the beach...

The glory and the majesty
to inundate once more.
Surrounded by His holiness
upon the quiet shore.
The power that arrives in waves-
how many are the same?
The ocean force...His glory and
the beauty of His Name!

See it all...feel it all...
know it all so real!
God Most High is Someone we
can hear and see and feel!
Creator--o so glorious
here in His creation!
So manifold are the effects
of God and His sensation!

Creator God creating-
His timing o so right!
Behold the restless ocean
and, in Him, take delight!

The restless ocean.  I miss it so!  But all I must do is tell God about it and He takes me there all over again!  He takes me there to that massive creation that yields to only Him.  That beautiful mass of life that none other may create.  Go there with me, won't you?