Friday, August 29, 2014


Whatever it is we need from God, He will provide.  That 'whatever' encompasses quite a bit!  Sometimes, we may not even know what we need, we just know that we need to go to Him and wait...

Again before the altar of
the One Who is alive.
Of a truth, it is the only
way I will survive!
Time and time and time again
He's shared His special love,
yet here will I take anything
that comes from up above!

"O Lord, be it that joy that breaks
my heart into refrain,
or be it that sweet peace of which
no human can explain...
or that blessed balm of healing-
comfort unto me...
whate'er You have, my God, I know
'twill bring the victory!

Thank You for this holy place
where whence I can retreat
for a season, then return
refreshed, anew, complete!
Thank You so for hearing me,
oh, and listening, too!
Here am I, oh Father, waiting
for what You will do!"

Whatever it is you need, don't give up!  God is faithful!  Too often I go to Him with my "shopping list," recite it to Him and then take off.  Perhaps I should more often ask Him what is on His list and then take time to listen.


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