Sunday, August 3, 2014

The House of God!

Sunday morning.  Finally?
I can have sanctuary any time of the week in that place He leads me to, but there is something so incredible about meeting with others where Jesus Christ is the focus!

So beautiful, the Sanctuary.
God in Presence real!
The very house of God Almighty--
see Him, hear Him, feel...
Images and so alive,
words so living yet!
The Word of God, God the Word,
how real, so real to get!

In the very house of God
with them that love Him so!
Here to listen to His voice--
see Him, love Him, know!
God the Father, God the Son,
God the holy Spirit!
So beautiful, His reality-
see it, hear it, feel it!

So grateful for the house of God
and them that therein dwell!
The power and the glory
to witness and retell!
To learn of God, to learn of us,
to magnify His ways!
Jesus in His sanctuary,

It was good to see you today!

It was so good to worship God together!
Let us be careful to continue to give Him glory tomorrow...all week...CONSTANTLY!
God is so good and worthy of our praises!

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