Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Stand fast...

...and having done all, to stand."
There is a point in every situation, every relationship, every job when you know that you have done all that you could. 
There are some very hard questions then:  Give up?  Run?  Hide?  Or do you move on with peace and satisfaction knowing that you did what you were called to do?
What if giving it your best doesn't turn out the way you planned?
What if you've followed the proper steps and someone still got hurt?
Is God still in control at those times?
Does God still have your steps ordered?
Of course God is still in control or none of us would be here right now! 
Of course we are going to get hurt...or we do not have feelings!  Belonging to God does not make it any less painful, it means that we have Someone Who will listen, understand, stable us and never leave us: the Solid Rock!
Do you have such assurance in your life?

Jesus, Jesus, I surrender;

God, I give this all to You.
You know everything about it,
You know what we're going through!
Greater, You can see the outcome
that is waiting just ahead!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Savior,
see that we are firmly led!

Jesus, Jesus, glory!  Glory!

I am Yours and You are mine!
I have done all that I know to,
all while seeking Your design.
You have shown me, You have used me,
now, oh Lord, You lead me on.
Keep me, God, a vessel of Yours
'til this life of mine is gone!"

There continues to be a battle out there.  The enemy is doubling down his efforts to destroy God's children, to tear apart God's chosen, and to cause even the elect to deceive and devour one another!

SPIRITUAL WARFARE!  If you have not experienced it yet, then perhaps the enemy doesn't have to worry about you?
Before it all, in it all, through it all, though, we MUST firmly stand!

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