Monday, August 25, 2014


Thinking again of that Land awaiting.
Focusing on what will take place there, while enduring what yet goes on here.
Soon and very soon...

"Deliver us, oh Father, from
the snares that, here, abound.
Thy sweet asylum, Father God,
oh, let me there be found!
Father God, in Thine embrace
is this man shielded from
the trial and temptation and
the pitfalls that would come!"

So blest is the protection of
the arms of Him Who lives!
Oh, and the security
that such protection gives!
I will trade it not for any
thing that does abound;
yea, I'll turn my back on all
and stand on Holy Ground!

Enduring what goes on here.  It can only be done as I walk in His love and in the power of His might!  There is not enough strength in me--apart from Him--to make it through a single day!  But with Him, in Him, I know I will last until He calls me home!
"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

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