Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peaceful Day

Open your eyes...

Evening of the morning that

was oh so very calm.
I look back on the day and see
that I was in His palm;
yea, and carried in His hand
through yet another day
I see, as all the sights inside
my mind are on display.

"Oh, and as I reminisce,
I give thanks unto You!
Yea, and even more, my God,
with this evening's view!
Even as this morning, Lord,
was silence clearly heard,
the whisper of the norther sigh
has got the final word.

To reminisce at present?  No,
but, Lord, to revel so
in the sight of desert night
that I have come to know:
the roaring silence of the land,
a million stars above,
the scent that's carried in the breeze
and You--the King of Love!"

So incredible: creation--apart from and unaffected by creation!  Just look around. 
"There's nothing here!"
"This is boring!"
What are you using to look with...and what are you looking for?

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