Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On the Wing

The river bank.
Across the water is the bluff.
In the bluffs are nests...and there they are!  Bald eagles!!
So inspirational...

Even as the eagle soars
so does this, my soul!
Oh, but the freedom of his flight
do I now extol!
Only but a vision are
some aspects of his flight,
as I am but a mortal member
of the sons of Light!
However, soon and very soon,
I'll wing my way to Him;
soaring e'er about the clouds
and their silver shim!
Freedom, ever constantly
with the wings of mine;
even e'er about The Throne
of Him Who is divine!
We shall behold Him as He is,
changed within a blink
when this decaying place will
finally become extinct!
Caught up to be with Him, and there
eternally to be
in that Place that He has made
that mortal ne'er could see!

Even as the eagle soars
so will this man some day!
However, I wait not 'til then,
I do it now my way!
Rejoicing in Him as He makes
my very soul to soar
as daily, of His love and grace,
He shows me more and more!

In the Spirit now as I behold His awesome creation, but soon at His very side as He shows us the wonders of Heaven!
And as I watch the eagles, my heart cries out "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

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