Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mind my own BUSYness?

Jesus Christ, my haven...
God Most High, my refuge...
Holy Spirit, my Guide and Guardian through it all, and my escort to God my Father and Jesus Christ my Savior!
Father, Son and Spirit--ABSOLUTE NECESSITY in the times and seasons that are...

Living life the live-long day,

so much is going on!
Should I attempt to live it ALL,
my life would be all gone!
But there is One that lives inside me
guiding me always-
He is the One that charts the course,
as He knows all the ways!

For I could even set my mind
to do His works alone,
doing good to everyone,
His own glory shone!
But if I do not savor 'rest'
and time alone with Him,
that flame within would flicker down,
assuredly to dim!

Living life as He directs-
for we must do our best.
As the Spirit leads, however,
and we will be blessed!!
There is so much that can be done,
to finish or to start;
none of us can do it all
but each can do his part.

I cannot do it all.  You cannot do it all.  But with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we can get done what must be done, have peace about what is remaining, and find rest! 

God does not NEED us, but He blesses us with the opportunities and privileges of touching one another for His glory!

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