Monday, August 11, 2014

Love for Me

Who is this man to be loved,
my God, by such as Thee?
To send Your One Begotten Son,
my God, how can this be?
To even me is Your affection,
given without measure;
o my God, but Thine affection
I will always treasure!

I fathom not Thy perfect love,
Father God Most High!
But, as much as I can get,
receive with joy will I!
It is my song throughout the day,
my peace is in the same;
and, oh, so much more I receive
in Jesus' Holy Name!

You know me more than anyone,
all the good and bad;
and yet You love me more than any
friend I've ever had.
Will I ever understand this,
Father God, I pray?
Whether I do or not, oh Lord,
from Thee I'll never stray!"

Oh, what love! "Behold what manner of love The Father has given unto us!"  When all else fails, know that love and cling to Him!  When things are going good, don't forget that love and turn to God even then.  When everything is perfect and you are experiencing exceeding abundance, remember that love, His love, and share it with as many as possible!
AT ALL TIMES, depend on the love of God and be grateful for it!  For He died to prove it to all men!

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