Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just ahead...

It's all behind me now?
It's all behind US now!
There is so much that we, as Christians, have to look forward to!  The worse that the outcome looks in this world, the better that Place that He has prepared for us appears!
Again, the heart cries out "EVEN SO COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

How wonderful, that land that I know
in a promise made!
So beautiful, so glorious,
the One Whom I've obeyed!
All that we have in Him, all
He is so deep inside,
is living, yes, is thriving and

"Even so, come quickly, Jesus!
Oh, but until then
Use each of us to witness and
be blessings unto men!
The hope to which we dearly cling-
it is for them, also!
Use us, Lord, in spite of time,
that they might come to know!

Heaven on my mind, although
my neighbor on my heart.
I must live life in such a way
that they would want a part!
Lead me, guide me, make me what
they need to see Your face,
then use me to direct them as
they cry out for Your grace!"

So beautiful--that life that is
awaiting for His own!
Help me to direct a heart-
more Heaven to be known!

Don't give up!  Keep telling people about Jesus and the wonder that He is!  Surely the day will come when we are not going to need to, but there is plenty to do for His glory for now!

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