Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jesus, my Desire!

Yes, Jesus my desire.  Every part of this life is wanting or demanding something.  But when JESUS is your desire, you can get as much of Him as you want as often as you want?  No!  You can have all of Jesus all the time!

Jesus, my Desire,
the yearning of my soul,
I run to You, I cling to You ,
and there am I made whole.
You wash the world away and I
have not a shame at all!
You shield me from the murmur so
that I can hear You call.

Jesus, my desire,
that I may hear You call.
You speak my very name, oh Lord,
and to my knees I fall!
I witness You, I worship You,
I listen to Your voice...
I react unto the same-
though hard may be the choice.

Jesus, my desire,
I love you and always
I will give myself away
and cling unto Your ways!
Following, listening,
serving You until
the sounding of Your Trumpet--all
of Heavenland to fill!!

Jesus.  Only Jesus! 
The longer we live in this place, the more wonderful Jesus, ALL of Jesus, becomes! 
I sure hope you have Jesus inside of you and all that He is to look forward to!

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