Friday, August 22, 2014


How deep is a relationship?
How far does 'friendship' go?
When I meet you, just how much
will you allow me know?
Will distance be a factor?
Will time be of effect?
No matter what I share with you,
will I retain respect?

"How are you doing, Nathan?
It has been HOW long?!
To be apart for this length...
man, it seems so wrong!
But that completely disappears
as we now converse-
emotions that cannot be faked,
words that none rehearse!"

How deep is a relationship?
Just 'surface' or beyond?
Be genuine inside a world
where such facades are donned!
Time and distance surely be
a litmus test for such-
regardless of their length, be sure
to NOT fall out of touch!

Last week, we travelled 12 hours for a 4hr visit with some dear friends.  We had not seen them in almost five years, but that span disappeared as soon as we saw each other and hugged!  The most painful thing about it was that we had so little time to spend together that day!
Relationships are investments.  Some investments take more time than others, but they are very well worth it!  Take that time.  MAKE that time!  You never know just how precious that relationship may become!

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