Saturday, August 30, 2014

In the Sanctuary

What comes to mind when you hear that word?
Is it only a church building?  Is it only a place to meet on certain days?
Dare I say that if such is your only definition, you missed it!

In the sanctuary
life is going on.
Enter in just as you are,
His holiness to don!
Father God...Holy Spirit...
Jesus Christ the Son-
we enter in and raise our hearts
and cry "Thy will be done!"

His Presence is so glorious
here in the holy place.
We come at His direction and
we enter in by grace!
The only thing of us is the
submission that must be;
the only thing of us is
letting go and getting free!

Jesus in the sanctuary-
Life and life again!
Giving--nothing holding back,
His glory be our gain!
"Thy will be done in ALL of life,"
our very creed and cry!
Christ is in the sanctuary;
therefore, there go I!

Sanctuary.  It is definitely the place where we gather to meet Him, but it can be ANY place where He and I are spending time together.
Don't wait until you get to the sanctuary to see God.  Call out to Him where You are, savor His glorious Presence, and let Him sanctify that awesome place!

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