Saturday, August 9, 2014

Find Him first!

"Good morning again, beautiful Creator.  What a glorious day that You have created!  What a precious new opportunity You have blessed us with to discover You and be used by You.  You are so good to us..."

Early rays are sneaking through the branches.
Already have they overtook the skies!
I see that they are revealing God's creation,
and I call on Him Who is so very wise.
In the time that we will share together,
I listen to Him...think...and then I share;
He knows my heart before I even call Him,
transparent I be thence inside His care.

He speaks to me...I listen...then I follow--
a guarantee success will I obtain.
His voice, His Spirit and, of course, The Bible,
even as the rays would entertain!

What a glorious way to start the day!

Wherever you are, God has an incredible way of proving His Presence while starting the day! 
Have you found Him yet today?

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