Sunday, August 31, 2014


Living life...busy with business...taking care of spite of it all, there is still so much to do...

Loving one another-

the greatest of command.
Hospitality be an
extension of His hand!
People hungry, people starving,
dying and so lost...
serve with all humility
and disregard the cost!

Loving one another-
each one has a part!
Reaching out is merely an
extension of HIS heart!
Know that He is pleased as you
assist your fellow man;
know that you are so involved
in God the Father's plan!

Edify, encourage,
be involved, reach out...
love ye one another--that's what
service is about!
Give to one another, and
it matters not how much!
Love ye one another and so
demonstrate God's touch!

"Oh humble me and make me
a tool inside Your hand.
O keep me pliable, oh God,
unto Your each command!"

WE are all part of HIS family.  We each have a job to do, a role to play, a position to fill.  Though diverse be those callings, a few are common to each and all: love one another, encourage each other and build one another up.

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