Saturday, August 2, 2014

Beautiful Truth!

In the Word of God once more.  So beautiful!
His Holy Word ministering to us, to all, about this life and the next...

How beautiful, how wonderful-
Truth--all by itself!
How disastrous, though, that some
just leave it on the shelf!
Truth--it is alive and well;
Truth--it is so real!
Yet so many turn their back
and follow what they "feel."

Truth--is 'it' an 'it' at all?
No!  'It' is a Man!
Do you need it shown to you?
Truth, He surely can!
You have no need to fear Him,
He loves you most of all!
And He is reaching out for You,
just listen to Him call!

Truth--but open up His pages,
listen to each verse!
Ask Him how to live it in
a world that would coerce!
Give Truth reign and move as He moves,
know that blessed flow!
The wonderful, the beautiful
will sure be yours to know!

Any and all situations that you are facing are addressed in the Bible--Truth.  Anything that you are about to go through can be related to in those living pages!
Don't take Truth for granted.  He loves you and wants the very best for you.  The journey to that "best" might be painful, but He is right there inside you every step of the way.  Trust Him!

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