Friday, August 1, 2014

As evening approaches...

Enjoying His creation as
I'm at His beck and call.
Watching Him create, as on
my heart His verses fall.
Being in His Presence in
the early of the eve...
Are words any justice?  One must
see it to believe!
Oh so real, oh so glorious
with Him to be!
Oh so real, the eyes inside
the heart to clearly see!
Oh so real, come His answers
to petitions raised!
Oh so real in this life-

Oh, His Presence and creation

as the day would fade!
All day, His reality,
it has been displayed!
And here He is even yet
to be with me tonight!
God my Savior, Jesus Christ-
in Him I take delight!

In HIM I take delight!  Do you?

Turn off the TV.  Turn off the lights.  Turn off the computer (in a minute.)  Go outside and look around.  Find something that man cannot manufacture and thank God for it!  (Even thank Him for what man does!)  Make time to give Him glory for His creation, and He will show more and more of it to you!

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