Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another Assault

The closer we get to the end, the more we do for God, the more the devil would like to see us dead!  But you know what?

The enemy, he is defeated!
He will NEVER win!
Though constant the barrages of
temptations, lies and sin,
the Answer--it is settled!
My destiny secure!
I will reign through eternity
as long as I endure!
As long as I stay in the Word
applying it each day...
as long as I go to the Lord
and, with my heart, I pray...
as long as I cry out to God
and do as I am shown,
that victory, eternally,
but surely will be known!

The enemy--his days are numbered,
thus his deeds increase!
BUT GOD, His days are numbered not,
therefore have I great peace!
Jesus Christ, The Word alive,
to know me every day!
The enemy defeated, yes;
in victory I stay!

The world is so full of traps and deception!  It is so full of lies and deceit!  No, it is not all bad, but there remains an enemy that wants to see us cease glorifying God.  An enemy that wants us dead!  We must know The Word, it's power and abilities, and it's proper use!
Jesus Christ.  He IS The Word!

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