Sunday, August 31, 2014


Living life...busy with business...taking care of spite of it all, there is still so much to do...

Loving one another-

the greatest of command.
Hospitality be an
extension of His hand!
People hungry, people starving,
dying and so lost...
serve with all humility
and disregard the cost!

Loving one another-
each one has a part!
Reaching out is merely an
extension of HIS heart!
Know that He is pleased as you
assist your fellow man;
know that you are so involved
in God the Father's plan!

Edify, encourage,
be involved, reach out...
love ye one another--that's what
service is about!
Give to one another, and
it matters not how much!
Love ye one another and so
demonstrate God's touch!

"Oh humble me and make me
a tool inside Your hand.
O keep me pliable, oh God,
unto Your each command!"

WE are all part of HIS family.  We each have a job to do, a role to play, a position to fill.  Though diverse be those callings, a few are common to each and all: love one another, encourage each other and build one another up.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

In the Sanctuary

What comes to mind when you hear that word?
Is it only a church building?  Is it only a place to meet on certain days?
Dare I say that if such is your only definition, you missed it!

In the sanctuary
life is going on.
Enter in just as you are,
His holiness to don!
Father God...Holy Spirit...
Jesus Christ the Son-
we enter in and raise our hearts
and cry "Thy will be done!"

His Presence is so glorious
here in the holy place.
We come at His direction and
we enter in by grace!
The only thing of us is the
submission that must be;
the only thing of us is
letting go and getting free!

Jesus in the sanctuary-
Life and life again!
Giving--nothing holding back,
His glory be our gain!
"Thy will be done in ALL of life,"
our very creed and cry!
Christ is in the sanctuary;
therefore, there go I!

Sanctuary.  It is definitely the place where we gather to meet Him, but it can be ANY place where He and I are spending time together.
Don't wait until you get to the sanctuary to see God.  Call out to Him where You are, savor His glorious Presence, and let Him sanctify that awesome place!

Friday, August 29, 2014


Whatever it is we need from God, He will provide.  That 'whatever' encompasses quite a bit!  Sometimes, we may not even know what we need, we just know that we need to go to Him and wait...

Again before the altar of
the One Who is alive.
Of a truth, it is the only
way I will survive!
Time and time and time again
He's shared His special love,
yet here will I take anything
that comes from up above!

"O Lord, be it that joy that breaks
my heart into refrain,
or be it that sweet peace of which
no human can explain...
or that blessed balm of healing-
comfort unto me...
whate'er You have, my God, I know
'twill bring the victory!

Thank You for this holy place
where whence I can retreat
for a season, then return
refreshed, anew, complete!
Thank You so for hearing me,
oh, and listening, too!
Here am I, oh Father, waiting
for what You will do!"

Whatever it is you need, don't give up!  God is faithful!  Too often I go to Him with my "shopping list," recite it to Him and then take off.  Perhaps I should more often ask Him what is on His list and then take time to listen.


Monday, August 25, 2014


Thinking again of that Land awaiting.
Focusing on what will take place there, while enduring what yet goes on here.
Soon and very soon...

"Deliver us, oh Father, from
the snares that, here, abound.
Thy sweet asylum, Father God,
oh, let me there be found!
Father God, in Thine embrace
is this man shielded from
the trial and temptation and
the pitfalls that would come!"

So blest is the protection of
the arms of Him Who lives!
Oh, and the security
that such protection gives!
I will trade it not for any
thing that does abound;
yea, I'll turn my back on all
and stand on Holy Ground!

Enduring what goes on here.  It can only be done as I walk in His love and in the power of His might!  There is not enough strength in me--apart from Him--to make it through a single day!  But with Him, in Him, I know I will last until He calls me home!
"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just ahead...

It's all behind me now?
It's all behind US now!
There is so much that we, as Christians, have to look forward to!  The worse that the outcome looks in this world, the better that Place that He has prepared for us appears!
Again, the heart cries out "EVEN SO COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

How wonderful, that land that I know
in a promise made!
So beautiful, so glorious,
the One Whom I've obeyed!
All that we have in Him, all
He is so deep inside,
is living, yes, is thriving and

"Even so, come quickly, Jesus!
Oh, but until then
Use each of us to witness and
be blessings unto men!
The hope to which we dearly cling-
it is for them, also!
Use us, Lord, in spite of time,
that they might come to know!

Heaven on my mind, although
my neighbor on my heart.
I must live life in such a way
that they would want a part!
Lead me, guide me, make me what
they need to see Your face,
then use me to direct them as
they cry out for Your grace!"

So beautiful--that life that is
awaiting for His own!
Help me to direct a heart-
more Heaven to be known!

Don't give up!  Keep telling people about Jesus and the wonder that He is!  Surely the day will come when we are not going to need to, but there is plenty to do for His glory for now!

Friday, August 22, 2014


How deep is a relationship?
How far does 'friendship' go?
When I meet you, just how much
will you allow me know?
Will distance be a factor?
Will time be of effect?
No matter what I share with you,
will I retain respect?

"How are you doing, Nathan?
It has been HOW long?!
To be apart for this length...
man, it seems so wrong!
But that completely disappears
as we now converse-
emotions that cannot be faked,
words that none rehearse!"

How deep is a relationship?
Just 'surface' or beyond?
Be genuine inside a world
where such facades are donned!
Time and distance surely be
a litmus test for such-
regardless of their length, be sure
to NOT fall out of touch!

Last week, we travelled 12 hours for a 4hr visit with some dear friends.  We had not seen them in almost five years, but that span disappeared as soon as we saw each other and hugged!  The most painful thing about it was that we had so little time to spend together that day!
Relationships are investments.  Some investments take more time than others, but they are very well worth it!  Take that time.  MAKE that time!  You never know just how precious that relationship may become!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Once again, I find myself reading and enjoying Psalms.  In 103:1-9, I find myself echoing the very words of David...

I bind my heart to David's and cry
Forget none of His benefits,
Him Who makes you whole!
Him Who waives iniquity,
yea, all of sins, forgives...
Him Who, in the very depth
of this man's spirit, lives!!

He crowns my life with lovingkindess,
mercy for the same;
He fills my life and satisfies me,
bless His holy Name!
And even as the eagle's is
my very strength renewed;
unto the Lord of goodness goes
my heartfelt gratitude!

Yea, and I am vindicated
by the Lord my God.
Upon the heads of them that would
oppress me does He trod!
Even as His ways were known
to Moses in his day,
the very same He does for me-
justice to convey.

Considerate and gracious, oh,
His mercy to abound!
His anger and hostility,
but for a time be found.
His attributes and blessings, though,
forever to remain!
perennial refrain!!

There is a song inside of every one of us.  It is my hope that the song inside of you is one of praise and excitement to Jesus Christ!  And if you can't find that song, just open up The Bible!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peaceful Day

Open your eyes...

Evening of the morning that

was oh so very calm.
I look back on the day and see
that I was in His palm;
yea, and carried in His hand
through yet another day
I see, as all the sights inside
my mind are on display.

"Oh, and as I reminisce,
I give thanks unto You!
Yea, and even more, my God,
with this evening's view!
Even as this morning, Lord,
was silence clearly heard,
the whisper of the norther sigh
has got the final word.

To reminisce at present?  No,
but, Lord, to revel so
in the sight of desert night
that I have come to know:
the roaring silence of the land,
a million stars above,
the scent that's carried in the breeze
and You--the King of Love!"

So incredible: creation--apart from and unaffected by creation!  Just look around. 
"There's nothing here!"
"This is boring!"
What are you using to look with...and what are you looking for?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On the Wing

The river bank.
Across the water is the bluff.
In the bluffs are nests...and there they are!  Bald eagles!!
So inspirational...

Even as the eagle soars
so does this, my soul!
Oh, but the freedom of his flight
do I now extol!
Only but a vision are
some aspects of his flight,
as I am but a mortal member
of the sons of Light!
However, soon and very soon,
I'll wing my way to Him;
soaring e'er about the clouds
and their silver shim!
Freedom, ever constantly
with the wings of mine;
even e'er about The Throne
of Him Who is divine!
We shall behold Him as He is,
changed within a blink
when this decaying place will
finally become extinct!
Caught up to be with Him, and there
eternally to be
in that Place that He has made
that mortal ne'er could see!

Even as the eagle soars
so will this man some day!
However, I wait not 'til then,
I do it now my way!
Rejoicing in Him as He makes
my very soul to soar
as daily, of His love and grace,
He shows me more and more!

In the Spirit now as I behold His awesome creation, but soon at His very side as He shows us the wonders of Heaven!
And as I watch the eagles, my heart cries out "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jesus, my Desire!

Yes, Jesus my desire.  Every part of this life is wanting or demanding something.  But when JESUS is your desire, you can get as much of Him as you want as often as you want?  No!  You can have all of Jesus all the time!

Jesus, my Desire,
the yearning of my soul,
I run to You, I cling to You ,
and there am I made whole.
You wash the world away and I
have not a shame at all!
You shield me from the murmur so
that I can hear You call.

Jesus, my desire,
that I may hear You call.
You speak my very name, oh Lord,
and to my knees I fall!
I witness You, I worship You,
I listen to Your voice...
I react unto the same-
though hard may be the choice.

Jesus, my desire,
I love you and always
I will give myself away
and cling unto Your ways!
Following, listening,
serving You until
the sounding of Your Trumpet--all
of Heavenland to fill!!

Jesus.  Only Jesus! 
The longer we live in this place, the more wonderful Jesus, ALL of Jesus, becomes! 
I sure hope you have Jesus inside of you and all that He is to look forward to!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Love for Me

Who is this man to be loved,
my God, by such as Thee?
To send Your One Begotten Son,
my God, how can this be?
To even me is Your affection,
given without measure;
o my God, but Thine affection
I will always treasure!

I fathom not Thy perfect love,
Father God Most High!
But, as much as I can get,
receive with joy will I!
It is my song throughout the day,
my peace is in the same;
and, oh, so much more I receive
in Jesus' Holy Name!

You know me more than anyone,
all the good and bad;
and yet You love me more than any
friend I've ever had.
Will I ever understand this,
Father God, I pray?
Whether I do or not, oh Lord,
from Thee I'll never stray!"

Oh, what love! "Behold what manner of love The Father has given unto us!"  When all else fails, know that love and cling to Him!  When things are going good, don't forget that love and turn to God even then.  When everything is perfect and you are experiencing exceeding abundance, remember that love, His love, and share it with as many as possible!
AT ALL TIMES, depend on the love of God and be grateful for it!  For He died to prove it to all men!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Stand fast...

...and having done all, to stand."
There is a point in every situation, every relationship, every job when you know that you have done all that you could. 
There are some very hard questions then:  Give up?  Run?  Hide?  Or do you move on with peace and satisfaction knowing that you did what you were called to do?
What if giving it your best doesn't turn out the way you planned?
What if you've followed the proper steps and someone still got hurt?
Is God still in control at those times?
Does God still have your steps ordered?
Of course God is still in control or none of us would be here right now! 
Of course we are going to get hurt...or we do not have feelings!  Belonging to God does not make it any less painful, it means that we have Someone Who will listen, understand, stable us and never leave us: the Solid Rock!
Do you have such assurance in your life?

Jesus, Jesus, I surrender;

God, I give this all to You.
You know everything about it,
You know what we're going through!
Greater, You can see the outcome
that is waiting just ahead!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Savior,
see that we are firmly led!

Jesus, Jesus, glory!  Glory!

I am Yours and You are mine!
I have done all that I know to,
all while seeking Your design.
You have shown me, You have used me,
now, oh Lord, You lead me on.
Keep me, God, a vessel of Yours
'til this life of mine is gone!"

There continues to be a battle out there.  The enemy is doubling down his efforts to destroy God's children, to tear apart God's chosen, and to cause even the elect to deceive and devour one another!

SPIRITUAL WARFARE!  If you have not experienced it yet, then perhaps the enemy doesn't have to worry about you?
Before it all, in it all, through it all, though, we MUST firmly stand!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Find Him first!

"Good morning again, beautiful Creator.  What a glorious day that You have created!  What a precious new opportunity You have blessed us with to discover You and be used by You.  You are so good to us..."

Early rays are sneaking through the branches.
Already have they overtook the skies!
I see that they are revealing God's creation,
and I call on Him Who is so very wise.
In the time that we will share together,
I listen to Him...think...and then I share;
He knows my heart before I even call Him,
transparent I be thence inside His care.

He speaks to me...I listen...then I follow--
a guarantee success will I obtain.
His voice, His Spirit and, of course, The Bible,
even as the rays would entertain!

What a glorious way to start the day!

Wherever you are, God has an incredible way of proving His Presence while starting the day! 
Have you found Him yet today?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mind my own BUSYness?

Jesus Christ, my haven...
God Most High, my refuge...
Holy Spirit, my Guide and Guardian through it all, and my escort to God my Father and Jesus Christ my Savior!
Father, Son and Spirit--ABSOLUTE NECESSITY in the times and seasons that are...

Living life the live-long day,

so much is going on!
Should I attempt to live it ALL,
my life would be all gone!
But there is One that lives inside me
guiding me always-
He is the One that charts the course,
as He knows all the ways!

For I could even set my mind
to do His works alone,
doing good to everyone,
His own glory shone!
But if I do not savor 'rest'
and time alone with Him,
that flame within would flicker down,
assuredly to dim!

Living life as He directs-
for we must do our best.
As the Spirit leads, however,
and we will be blessed!!
There is so much that can be done,
to finish or to start;
none of us can do it all
but each can do his part.

I cannot do it all.  You cannot do it all.  But with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we can get done what must be done, have peace about what is remaining, and find rest! 

God does not NEED us, but He blesses us with the opportunities and privileges of touching one another for His glory!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another Assault

The closer we get to the end, the more we do for God, the more the devil would like to see us dead!  But you know what?

The enemy, he is defeated!
He will NEVER win!
Though constant the barrages of
temptations, lies and sin,
the Answer--it is settled!
My destiny secure!
I will reign through eternity
as long as I endure!
As long as I stay in the Word
applying it each day...
as long as I go to the Lord
and, with my heart, I pray...
as long as I cry out to God
and do as I am shown,
that victory, eternally,
but surely will be known!

The enemy--his days are numbered,
thus his deeds increase!
BUT GOD, His days are numbered not,
therefore have I great peace!
Jesus Christ, The Word alive,
to know me every day!
The enemy defeated, yes;
in victory I stay!

The world is so full of traps and deception!  It is so full of lies and deceit!  No, it is not all bad, but there remains an enemy that wants to see us cease glorifying God.  An enemy that wants us dead!  We must know The Word, it's power and abilities, and it's proper use!
Jesus Christ.  He IS The Word!

The House of God!

Sunday morning.  Finally?
I can have sanctuary any time of the week in that place He leads me to, but there is something so incredible about meeting with others where Jesus Christ is the focus!

So beautiful, the Sanctuary.
God in Presence real!
The very house of God Almighty--
see Him, hear Him, feel...
Images and so alive,
words so living yet!
The Word of God, God the Word,
how real, so real to get!

In the very house of God
with them that love Him so!
Here to listen to His voice--
see Him, love Him, know!
God the Father, God the Son,
God the holy Spirit!
So beautiful, His reality-
see it, hear it, feel it!

So grateful for the house of God
and them that therein dwell!
The power and the glory
to witness and retell!
To learn of God, to learn of us,
to magnify His ways!
Jesus in His sanctuary,

It was good to see you today!

It was so good to worship God together!
Let us be careful to continue to give Him glory tomorrow...all week...CONSTANTLY!
God is so good and worthy of our praises!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Beautiful Truth!

In the Word of God once more.  So beautiful!
His Holy Word ministering to us, to all, about this life and the next...

How beautiful, how wonderful-
Truth--all by itself!
How disastrous, though, that some
just leave it on the shelf!
Truth--it is alive and well;
Truth--it is so real!
Yet so many turn their back
and follow what they "feel."

Truth--is 'it' an 'it' at all?
No!  'It' is a Man!
Do you need it shown to you?
Truth, He surely can!
You have no need to fear Him,
He loves you most of all!
And He is reaching out for You,
just listen to Him call!

Truth--but open up His pages,
listen to each verse!
Ask Him how to live it in
a world that would coerce!
Give Truth reign and move as He moves,
know that blessed flow!
The wonderful, the beautiful
will sure be yours to know!

Any and all situations that you are facing are addressed in the Bible--Truth.  Anything that you are about to go through can be related to in those living pages!
Don't take Truth for granted.  He loves you and wants the very best for you.  The journey to that "best" might be painful, but He is right there inside you every step of the way.  Trust Him!

Friday, August 1, 2014

As evening approaches...

Enjoying His creation as
I'm at His beck and call.
Watching Him create, as on
my heart His verses fall.
Being in His Presence in
the early of the eve...
Are words any justice?  One must
see it to believe!
Oh so real, oh so glorious
with Him to be!
Oh so real, the eyes inside
the heart to clearly see!
Oh so real, come His answers
to petitions raised!
Oh so real in this life-

Oh, His Presence and creation

as the day would fade!
All day, His reality,
it has been displayed!
And here He is even yet
to be with me tonight!
God my Savior, Jesus Christ-
in Him I take delight!

In HIM I take delight!  Do you?

Turn off the TV.  Turn off the lights.  Turn off the computer (in a minute.)  Go outside and look around.  Find something that man cannot manufacture and thank God for it!  (Even thank Him for what man does!)  Make time to give Him glory for His creation, and He will show more and more of it to you!