Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tonight's words...

Listening...looking...watching...what is it that God is saying to me today, and how will He say it.  Yes.  He is THAT real!
Will it be "seasonal?"  After all, it is not always that same season in all the parts of the world that these words go.
So I will write across the top of this what I write across the top of every page in my pad: 
"Speak, oh Lord..."

In the stillness of the evening
something is not still!
In the air to come delights
that give the heart such thrill!
Hundreds, if not thousands, of
the ones upon a wing
occupy the trees above
and 'busy' would they sing!

I note this part of His creation
happening each eve.
Such migration comes in numbers
too hard to believe!
Migration?  But they come each night,
And move from tree to tree!
Oh, what cacophony from His
creation is to be!!

Oh blessed be the little birds
one at a time or not!
Come to entertain the ones
such wonderment to spot!
Creator God creating and
revealing to His own
but another miracle
for which He is so known!

And still they arrive...flocking from grove to grove...and then off they go afar...
"Thank You, Father God, for being faithful, for showing me some more of Your creation, and revealing more of Your truth in such!

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