Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This morning's words...

God continues to amaze!
If you recall yesterday's message, it started out speaking of the "stillness," (or the lack of!) in God's wonderful creation.  I wrote that as I sat there looking out the window.  (Something that I call a 'fresh message.')
I sit down this evening to pray about tomorrow's message.  I open up my pad to see what the last thing was that I wrote about.  When I do not write something 'fresh,' the poem comes from that pad or the volumes that God has blessed me with.
All that said, here is the last thing in my pad:

In the stillness of the morning,
absent be the 'still.'
Visibly is so much life
responding to His will.
The trees--they cannot keep their peace
as He is passing by!
They wave their arms and branches,
they reach to Him on high!

Oh, the stillness of the morn,
(as little 'still' would be,
even man is moving, causing
praises unto Three!
Praise and glory, adoration-
it is constant here!
In the stillness, He is holy-
all of life revere!

"Holy, holy!  Hallelujah!"
Hear the living sing!
In the song of those celestial
harmonies so ring!
O join the song alive and give
Christ Jesus praises due!
He is saving, He is blessing,
loving even you!

In the stillness of the morning
'still' cannot be living!
Give to Jesus Christ the Lord
because He is so giving!

Holy Spirit is alive and well, ya think?!
I am so amazed at the way He works in us and through us to cause us to bear witness of Himself and His wonderful ways!
Be still and know that He is God.
Be still and hear His voice.
Be still until you just can't stand it and then cry out

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