Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Window of my Mind

God gives us His Word.  As we read that Word, it is the Holy Spirit that causes scenes to come to life. 
What do YOU see...

In the window of my mind
I see the glory fall!
Myriads around the Throne;
One Name, alone, they call!
In flight, they worship Him Who has
the nail prints in His hands,
Him Who so withstood what just
the Father understands.
The stars about the heavens are
a choir unto Him;
perfect harmony is from
the voice of each of them.
The moons and planets, very low
in reverence they bow;
yea, far beyond the universe's
limits will allow!

"Yea, the heavens, o my God,
in constant adoration
unto the King upon His throne-
a solemn celebration!
Even life around this man
rejoicing unto Thee!
O let me in the midst of it
in all of my days be!

The window of my mind, it e'er
affords a view of Thee!
E'en if mine eyes be taken out,
that window still will be!
The glory and the majesty,
the myriads, the Throne,
and all the many semblances
of Jesus Christ alone!"

The window of the mind.  For there may the Holy Spirit reveal the glory and the majesty of Jesus and His creation...that creation that is far beyond what man can establish!

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