Friday, July 11, 2014

The Roses

Good morning.   Walk with me.  Discover all things new as I attempt to write them down...

Dew upon the roses, oh,
so simple yet so blessed;
and the scent they carry,
it so puts the heart at rest;
The blest aroma unto me,
the sweetness 'yond compare-
my precious Father made it just
so He could, with me, share!

Beautiful unto my sight,
(and other senses, too!)
Created He the rose in bloom-
this I know very true!
Where else could such beauty come from?
Nowhere else, I say!
Could only be created by
the One to Whom I pray!

"Thank You for the spectrum of
the garden, Lord, abloom.
Yea, and the variety
of the sweet perfume!
I savor it, Lord, as I walk
beside You, hand-in-hand;
glory, Father God, to You
for labors of Your hand!"

Early morning...walking with Him...the roar of silence...and His voice.  I am so wealthy!

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