Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pain

Pain.  It hurts!
Physical pain.  Emotional pain.  Psychological pain.  Even someone else's pain affects us!  Thank God we have Someone to go to Who understands ALL of our pain!

"Jesus, Jesus, mighty Jesus,
You Who understand,
You see me in my suffering
and You reach out Your hand!
No matter what I'm going through,
no matter how I feel,
the escape that I require
You come and reveal!
You take me to Your healing place
where no one else can go.
You touch me in those places, Lord,
that no one else can know!
You realize that each of us,
though "all the same" may be
are not like any other-
You know the suffering because
You went through it before.
You know the hurting and the pain,
(and dare I say 'much more!')
You know me better than myself,
and what was done or said.
You have the answer for it all,
for that is why You bled!

Jesus, Jesus, mighty Jesus,
hide myself in You.
Whatever has been done, You know
exactly what to do.
I turn to You only as
the valley deepens yet,
knowing that You are THE ANSWER-
Your relief to get!"
ALL of our pain.  Jesus understands.  God is fully aware. 
I am fully aware of my pain and I DON'T understand!  But I cling to Jesus regardless!  I know that I know that He will sustain me through this.

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