Saturday, July 26, 2014

The God that IS!

God is so alive!
If you listen, you can hear of Him and the moving of Him in your day, in your life, in your world...

Oh, to hear of miracles
that, constantly, He does!
Proof that He's the God that "is"
and not the God that "was!"
Alive and doing such for them
that name the Name of Him!
Oh, confess Him as your God
and so partake of them!

"Indeed, You are the God of life
to those alive in You!
In our eyes, the miraculous,
so constantly, You do!
But "miracles" are second-nature
unto One so great!
Even the "daily" that You do
does, that term, connotate!"

"The God of, oh, the living,
I am so alive in You!
And I appreciate, oh God,
the many things You do!
But, oh, much more than what You do,
God, I appreciate
the fact that You are God, oh God,
so good and oh so great!"

God. THE God!  So alive, so living in all of life!
Blessed are them that are able to see Him move in the situations that they are in.  Always 'favorable' situations?  No way!!
Blessed are those who are able to rejoice in THE GOD THAT IS!
Are you one of them?

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