Monday, July 21, 2014

Early Gift

The glory of the morning...
Once again, faithful God has created another day.  Another opportunity for US to glorify HIM in the lives that we live, the life that HE gives...

"Oh give me yet another chance,
a chance to give You praise!
An opportunity for me
to demonstrate Your ways.
For You are God, Creator of
the words I formulate-
oh cause them Lord to speak to hearts
so minor or so great!

Yes, You are God, so great and mighty,

there is none like You!
You speak the word, and give me such
a fascinating view:
the rolling hills...the valley deep...
the river and its might-
all greet me early in the day
and bring my heart delight!

But You--You are creator of
all that would fascinate,
and it is You, Creator God,
my heart would celebrate!
You make life and I enjoy
one moment...then another...
I worship You and honor You-
much closer than a brother!"

On your way to work today, find something to praise God for and let Him know--right there in the car!  As I said already, He's right there with You.  Acknowledge Him and the beauty of His creation!

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