Friday, July 4, 2014

Sweet Freedom

In the stillness of the morning let freedom ring...
In the chaos of the noontide let freedom ring...
in the rest that is the evening let freedom ring...
in the life that is Jesus Christ let freedom ring!

In the middle of the summer
this land celebrates
the liberty that we enjoy
by honoring their fates.
Too many lives to have a number
sacrificed their all
allowing us to celebrate-
thus honoring their call!

In the middle of the summer-
just a 'holiday?'   
NO!  A time to honor men
and fete sweet Freedom's way!
We do so with a thankful heart
unto a gracious God
Who oversaw sweet freedom's rise
and gave to it a call!

Wherever you are today, it is the prayer of this writer that you can find the truth of this message, and see proof of it with your very own eyes!  I know that some of you are reading this in a country that does not offer the liberties that mine does, and I/we are praying that you very soon will LIVE the celebration that we are enjoying.

In HIS Service,

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