Saturday, July 19, 2014


"Should I even be here?"
"What am I doing in this meeting?"
"Should I be paying attention...instead of making these notes?"
"Something's 'out of whack!'"

The Word of God before me-
the time, it's getting late!
I'll read it when I get back home,
"I promise!  It's a date!"
More excuses that I use,
The Bible, to avoid...
Life--it seems so empty...
life--it seems so void...

Answers.  I know that there are answers.  And I know where to go for them.  God's Word.
The enemy will accuse and threaten all day long.  He will even make up lies that sound like the Truth!  That's why he can deceive so many.  I must bury myself in God's Word so that I will recognize those lies when they come.  The enemy will even take The Truth and twist it just barely so that it sounds wonderful...but it is still a lie.
Don't fall for it!  STAY IN THE BIBLE!!  It's NOT "just reading a few pages of an old book," It is fellowshipping with Something so alive!  Something that affects the course of the entire day!  Dare I say "Someone!"
Don't let ANYTHING embezzle you out of time in The Bible, God's Word!

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