Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stay in The Word, part 2

Again, pray.
Part the pages and expect to hear from God through the words that He shows...

Inside an enigma-

words that come to life!
The sum addressing everything
from ecstasy to strife!
Words that know the very heart-
but they must be ingested!
Words that run the gamut,
and, after, I be rested!

How wonderful, again, The Word,
the Bible, so alive!
Taking of it every day
assures I will arrive!
Not professing to profess
proficiency at such,
but speaking truly, from the heart,
"I KNOW my Father's touch!"

How simple is the mystery
so many to refute?
How wonderful, the purity
so many would pollute!
Know the Bible!  Know the Truth:
Jesus Christ in Word!
Then know the constant "blessings" in
your life to be occurred!!

The Word of God.  The Bible.
I didn't really think of the controversy it has caused throughout history until I read some of the comments and responses to this devotional!  One of the unpublished comments from "Anonymous" promises to "hunt me down and put a stop to the lies" that I write about.  Please pray for them.  They obviously miss the Truth that God's Word is all about.
If someone is making such dire threats because I talk about The Bible, then perhaps it DOES contain so much value that it must be protected by God through all these centuries... AND TODAY!
Again, please pray for those making threats that they would come to know the LIFE that Jesus is!

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