Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Finally, peace.
What needed to be done was taken care of.
My parents told me years ago that I could not please everyone.  They HAD TO tell me that, because that was what I was attempting to do!
Later, in my first church, a wise, learned sage tried to tell me the same thing.  He saw how much I was doing or attempting to do for God and told me what he thought.  I did not listen.  After all, what I was doing was for God's glory!
Several churches later, the Pastor pulled me aside and told me that my family was a far more important ministry than what was going on in his church.  It was like a father rebuking his child: all in love.  Thank you Pastor Venable.  I thank God for Pastor Venable.  God showed him the error of my ways, because I wasn't seeing or hearing it from my family.  He helped me see and know better ways to take care of those in my own home.  He was quite blunt and direct about it, too!  God could take care of His Own.  (And mine, but I had to put effort into it as well.)
That said, do I stop trying to help those with whom I fellowship?  Of course not!  God takes care of His Own, but He uses US to do it, THE Church, IF we are open to the leading of His Spirit.  What a blessing it is to belong to God!  What a blessing to watch Him move in ways that we do not expect...all while being dependable.
Wherever it is that God has called you to, get involved.  Put your heart into it.  Yes, you will get hurt.  But God is The Healer.  Yes, you might get taken advantage of, but God will take care of you.  He owns everything and will replace whatever it is that you may have lost.  Remember what all Job went through?
People might fail you, but God will not.

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