Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Assurances

Day in and day out, life is certainly full of blessings, but it is also abounding with issues.  Issues in our own lives that must be dealt with.  Issues of others that we listen to and help them through. 
If we don't have Jesus Christ in our hearts, how will we know how to properly face these issues?

Truth and grace be in abundance as we go.
More of Jesus Christ and God to know.
More of Him and all His awesome ways!
More of faith and hope and heartfelt praise!

"Yes, I want more as I draw near to You.
You said for me to ask, so, Lord, I do!
You told me if I ask, Lord, AND believe
that would be the key for to receive.
Thank You for the promises that live,
thank You for the bounty that You give!
Thank You for the ways You move in man;
thank You that You have a settled plan!"

I do not have to wonder or be tossed.
'Yea' and 'Amen' have verified the cost!
And Jesus Christ inside has sealed my fate!
Oh God is good and, yes, He is so great!

Are there issues in your life that must be settled?
Are there things that seem to hinder you from moving on?
Jesus Christ is your Savior, tell Him about these things!  Turn them over to Him.  Those things that are too big for You to handle.  Those things that are so small, yet they are like a pebble in your shoe.  He not only wants to hear them from you, He wants to help You get past them and move on victoriously!
Let Him!

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