Sunday, July 13, 2014


Mighty God.  So mighty!
Almighty God...omnipotent!
Great and mighty God...yet so generous!
God is so great!  God is even THE GREATEST, but He still has love and time for the least of us...

Mightier is Jesus than
the powers of this earth;
Yea, indeed, omnipotent
is Him Who gives new birth!
And greater, oh, than anything
that comes against this man!
Grateful am I, oh, that I
am in the Father's plan!

"Verily, omnipotence-
it speaks so well of Thee!
And everywhere I look, oh Lord,
thy touch I clearly see!
Thy hand is there in everything
that does concern my life,
how can I then let anything
approaching bid me strife?

Great and mighty Savior, I
exalt Thy holy Name!
Thy mercies, oh, unto this man,
forever I'll proclaim!
All throughout the days that I
have left here in this place
will I pay obeisance to
the One Who saves by grace!"

Mighty God.  ALMIGHTY GOD!
He is so worthy of praise, adoration and obedience.
Know Him and the power of His might!  For He already knows you completely!

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