Wednesday, July 9, 2014

He sees!

It's a whole big world out there.   There is a whole lot going on!  It is hard for this writer to grasp that God is in control of every life at every time.  That being said, sometimes it is hard to remember that

Vexation in this life, it seems
to NEVER have an end!
Repudiated, though I'm not,
for I have got a Friend!
He said the tribulations here
are constantly unfurled,
but not to be despondent,
He has overcome the world!
Everything we will encounter
He's gone through before.
Thus, when we go through them, He
can keep us and restore!
Yea, when come adversities,
they are allayed by Him;
for He is very cognizant
of every one of them!
Though sometimes my propensity
is to, unsettled, be,
so incisive is His plan
to lift it off of me!

"Oh, and if my thankfulness
has been tacit, Lord,
let the facets now proclaim
the recognition stored!
For it is only unto ONE:
God and God alone-
Him that sees all everything
that happens from His Throne!"

God is not blind to anything that we go through in this life or the next.  Period. 
He is well aware of all that will happen and He already knows what He is going to do about it!
I choose to place my life and my plans into Hands like those!

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