Thursday, July 10, 2014

Greater is His Love!

It doesn't matter who we are, how good we think we are, how old or young we are, there remains an enemy that is living/dying to destroy us!
Just because I am saved, (especially because I am saved!) just because I know and am daily knowing The Word, just because _________, I am not immune from the attacks of the enemy!  However, since I do belong to God, I have some assurances...

Because, in the Holy Scriptures
is this servant versed,
by anything from Satan I
refused to be coerced!
God's provision covers anything
I would require,
and, by His Grace, I am endowed
with all I would desire!
Therefore, when I am approached
by the tempting one
with the lies he brings along,
I call upon The Son!
I've learned that any offer that
originates below
is nowhere near the quality
the Father would bestow!
Yea, and evermore will I
refuse the bribes and lies,
and heed the One Who offers life,
Who lifts and edifies!
Versed may I be...but greater
is His love in me!
I choose to so adhere to Him--
and thus is victory!

And thus is victory!  AND THUS IS VICTORY!!  Continue to cling to Jesus and His every word!  The love that He has for you, for US, is greater than anything and it will last for eternity! 
Do not be embezzled by this world!

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