Sunday, July 6, 2014

God and people

So many 'things...'
So many life-events...
I don't understand the ones who insist "I've seen it all!"
Life-changing events happen.  That's why "life" is part of their name!  And it is during those events that we learn so much!  (Or are supposed to!)
People that you KNOW that you can depend on are there. 
People you THINK you can depend on disappoint.
People that you don't even think of step up and do something that blesses you so much you'll never forget!
Then God steps in and shakes something that you have held to for most of your life, and it causes you to jump or shift to something else that only He has thought of...something better?
In ALL of these events, there are two constants: God and people.  God will NEVER disappoint, but He will often surprise.  People will sometimes disappoint, and we seem to ALWAYS be surprised.  Is that because we put more faith in people than we do in God?  Hmm...
In the past few months, I have seen God, people and The Church work in ways that I never have...because I have never really been forced to!  God has been even more faithful... people have surprised AND disappointed, and The Church has become something that I have rarely seen in the past 35 years!  It's beautiful.  It's challenging.  It's painful.
I hope that what you read from this writer causes you to turn to God and cling to Him, to see Him in ways that you may never have before, or to hear His voice addressing something that you are going through.
If none of these words apply to you, then maybe you have reached a more dangerous place in your walk.  It is called "comfortable."

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