Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Still, the battle rages...

Witnessing and watching...

learning all the while.
A life of serving Jesus doesn't
make ALL people smile!
Pressing unto Jesus further
pushes some away;
do so in the Spirit, though,
and pray and pray and pray!
The closer we get to the front

the warfare does increase!
The enemy would love to see us
just give up and cease!
But NO!  It's even then that we
must witness all the more
about how good our Jesus is
and all He has in store!

Look around...there is a battle
everywhere we turn.
The grace of God abounds, though,
let that fervency, then, burn!!
No giving turning back...
His leading is alive!
In spite of trials in this life,
stand on His Word and thrive!

The enemy is defeated, but he will fight to the very end to get us to give up on our faith, doubt or deny God, and turn us against one another.  DON'T LET HIM!!
We MUST turn to God every day and put on His whole armor so that we may prevail.

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