Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eternal Melody

God is so good!
Sunday morning.  Wherever we are, wherever we go, God makes sure that we sense His Presence there, and we learn something.
Sometimes, it is not exactly what we are looking for...

Joining in the choruses
(that never have an end,)
unto the One upon the Throne-
as incense they ascend!
So fitting are the praises and
the worship of the is place
to Him Who died yet is alive,
Him Who saves by grace!

Yea, and do I join with them
in worship unto You,
looking forward to the day
when that is all we'll do!
Soon and very soon, my Father God,
to be up there
in that Place where everything
will be beyond compare!

But a sample of it now
is all that I'm allowed;
hearing, oh, the harmony,
voicing mine aloud!
Be it just a sample, yet
so thankful still am I
just to so be able to
exalt His Name on high!

It may not be what we were looking for, but it is what God is wanting us to find.  We found it this morning as we set out to have breakfast somewhere. 
A wonderful melody. 
A wonderful lesson. 
God is so good!

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