Friday, July 18, 2014


The fire rages...
the flood attempts to overtake...
the ground itself shudders...
and the sky moans, roars and even strikes...
but in it all, there is awe, spectacle and wonder!

"You are the Maker of the storm,
You ride upon the crest!
I have to tell me, through it all,
'I'm safe and I am blest!'
You know the very steps I take,
You order them always;
therefore, as I am hunkered down,
my life shall bring You praise!
The lightning and the thunder,
the tempest and the rain-
no matter how severe the storm,
You know the depth of pain!
And even in disaster, when
this life cannot be found,
You hold me in Your very hand,
and I be safe and sound!"

The aforementioned events may have happened or are happening to you, happening in your life, and it is NOT wonderful!  We have been through catastrophes and disasters in our lives and they are filled with pain and discomfort, but we have learned from them.  One of the greatest lessons we have learned is that if we cannot see Creator God during the storm, He is about to show up.  And when He does, miracles and wonders appear or start happening. 
As the storm approaches, I stand before it with arms held high in praise to God, others go and hide until the storm passes.  (They are probably the wiser!)
What we are going through may be quite painful, even disastrous, but look for God!  Especially look for Him in places where you do not expect to find Him!

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