Friday, July 25, 2014


Once again, the writer finds his pen leaning toward 'environs.' 
As I spoke with some today, the overtone was loud and clear: they are in a desert.  As we spoke, I was minded of words written years ago...

The forbidding desert sands
so often He's traversed.
He has what quenches evermore
for them that are a-thirst!
Them that drink of what He has
shall thirst again no more!
And Him Who brings it, He can,
every facet, so restore!

Are you in a desert?  Are you
wandering about?
The quenching of your innermost
are you so without?
The One Who quenches, too, is out there
waiting for your call,
waiting for that final bastion--
human pride--to fall!
And that can be done by only
calling out His Name!
When you discover what He brings
you WILL be glad He came!
His Name is Jesus!  Just to speak
His Name will bring Him nigh!
Do this, and not again will you
traverse a land so dry!

Could that person be you?  Jesus has the living water that you need to make it through that desert.  Jesus IS that Living Water!  Don't let another dry, suffocating day go by without calling out to Him and receiving the Life that He is!

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