Monday, July 28, 2014

Being in Touch

Before I go out into the world...
While I am out in the world...
After I return from the world...

Listening so closely to
the words He has to say;
very clear unto my heart
my Savior does convey
oh, the honesty and the
compassion of His Word-
more passion than I've ever seen,
more love than I have heard.

Being in such quietude,
hearing Jesus speak...
the love that is deep in His eyes,
nobility in cheek...
the expressions of Him as
He speaks unto my heart-
oh, the deep emotions, such
conversing does impart!

And His words continue as
my tears begin to well.
Again, the deepest of emotions
does this Man compel!
He knows each facet of my heart,
each thought upon my mind;
He also knows exactly how,
those facets, to unbind!

Oh yes, the honesty of just
conversing with my Lord
after being in a world
where flesh and spirit warred!
Such peace is there induced just by
listening to His voice,
and just by looking in His face
am I caused to rejoice.

The honesty of Jesus.  His look is so understanding.  His touch is so healing.  His blessed words are so comforting.  Everything about Him restores!
Trust Him for all that you are going through.  He knows all.

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